HO! Development versions

HO Development versions

To get the latest final version, please visit our normal download pages instead.

Which file should I download?

If you are getting a 404 error (file not found) when trying to download a file, please refresh the page (press F5).

Starting with HO 1.432, you need at least Java 6 (aka Java 1.6) that you can download on the official Java site.

You can report any problems / requests for enhancement at our forum at Hattrick HO forum.
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[   ]HO_1434_BETA_r2607_20160626.OSX.zip26-Jun-2016 11:30 6.5M 
[   ]HO_1434_BETA_r2607_20160626.deb26-Jun-2016 11:30 6.0M 
[   ]HO_1434_BETA_r2607_20160626.rpm26-Jun-2016 11:30 6.0M 
[   ]HO_1434_BETA_r2607_20160626.zip26-Jun-2016 11:30 6.1M 
[   ]HO_1434_BETA_r2607_20160626_Win32_Installer.exe26-Jun-2016 11:30 6.3M 
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